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Spring 2014 Trends

Written by RedHairedDiva 


Spring Trends and Where to Buy Them

For those of you who remember the movie The Devil Wears Prada, I am sure you can recall Miranda Priestly’s reaction to florals for spring… “groundbreaking.” So of course, florals and pastels are in style yet again, but keep scrolling for more trends. 

Trend 1: The Ankle Pant or Pixie Pant


Click Here to View the Ankle Pant

Target and Old Navy currently have the ankle pant or pixie pant in women’s and plus size. Check both websites for different styles and sizes. 

Trend 2: Flippy Flared Skirts


Click Here for this Skirt in Plus Size

So far stores such as Express have the flippy skirt in women’s sizes, but eBay also has the flippy skirt in plus size. Search around to see which style best suits you. 

Trend 3: Knee Length Skirt


Click Here for this Knee Length Skirt in Plus Size

Forever 21 has trendy knee length skirts in plus size and in women’s. Check out the website to find affordable skirts. 

Trend 4: The Jumpsuit or Romper


Click Here for This Jumpsuit in Plus Size

The jumpsuit has been worn this year by many celebrities and even the first lady Michelle Obama. Once again Forever 21, has both rompers and jumpsuits in plus sizes and women’s. To view a jumpsuit in women’s from Topshop click here.

Trend 5: Crop Tops


Click Here to See a Similar Crop Top in Plus Size

Stores such as Fashion to Figure have made cropped tops in plus size as well. The crop tops will look perfect with the knee length skirt above. Click here for a crop top in women’s sizes. 

This concludes the 5 trends for spring 2014. I hope you all get an idea on what to wear and where to shop for some of the hottest spring trends. Remember to wear what makes YOU feel comfortable and confident! Thanks for viewing!



a1000fucksyeah Your "Hello Spring" ootd photos are so lovely. I *adore* your hair in it and the shoes are sooooo cute.

Aw thank you so much doll! :) 

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